Frequently Asked Questions

VB Fiber is our fiber optic internet network – it’s fast! It is true fiber to the premise technology, which means we run fiber lines all the way up to your home or business. This fiber infrastructure is capable of delivering speeds thousands of times faster than the speeds we need now. We’re connecting more devices to our WiFi and using more internet-based services than ever before. Bandwidth needs keep increasing, and there are no signs that trend will change. No matter what your internet needs are in the future, VB Fiber will be able to handle them!

We have absolutely no data limits on our plans. You can use your internet service as much as you want – really! We won’t throttle your speeds, ‘prioritize’ other users over you, or do any of the annoying things other providers do.

VB Fiber offers symmetrical internet speeds! Your download and upload speeds will be the same, so uploading files, documents, pictures, etc. won’t take any longer than downloading them. You can’t get symmetrical speeds with satellite, cable, or DSL!

You can work from home without worrying about latency or being disconnected; your kids can access their online school work and resources; you can play video games online and watch Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, Amazon Prime Video, YouTubeTV or any other streaming service you want. And you can do it all at the same time!

Absolutely! We have a lot of customers that are ‘cutting the cord’! There are so many streaming services now. Chances are, you’ll be able to subscribe to one or two that will give you all the channels and shows your family watches, but at a significantly lower cost than you’re paying now.

In rural areas, standard installation is $199. This includes bringing the fiber line up to your home, running it inside, and setting up the (included) wireless router. Unlimited VB Fiber plans in rural areas start with 100×100 Mbps for $79.99/mo ($39.99/mo in the city and in some planned unit development communities), with no additional fees or taxes added. If VB Fiber isn’t available at your home yet, unlimited fixed wireless plans start at $49.99/mo. You are free to change your service plan any time, for any reason. And no, we don’t have contracts – we don’t need them!

Oh, yes! A 2015 study showed that having a fiber internet connection increased a home’s sale value by 3.1%!

We began serving our first customers in 2012. We’ve expanded all over Lowell since then, and we’re still growing! We want to offer a local internet option to as many Lowell residents as possible. We live and work in this community, and we’re here to stay!

Customer support is our top priority. We want you to not only love our internet service, but also feel valued as a VB Fiber customer. We have 24/7 technical support available, and we are always just a phone call or email away if you have a question about anything else.