Fixed Wireless Basic Troubleshooting

STEP 1: Restart your wireless router. This is the most common fix for in home WiFi issues. Simply unplug the router’s power cord from the wall outlet or power strip, wait a few seconds, then plug it in again. (Do NOT press any buttons on the router during this step.) Check to see if you are now able to get online. If not, proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2: a. Find the power supply that the technician installed indoors. There is a box on it that is about the size of a deck of cards. It looks like the image below. It should have a single green, blue, or white LED lit on the top. There are two ports on the side, labeled POE and LAN. Please be sure that the cabling is installed according to the diagram below.

Rarely, you may have a power supply that looks like one of the images below. If you do, please ensure the cabling is connected according to the diagram that resembles your power supply.

b. Your router may look like one of these shown below. Be sure that the cable coming from the outdoor equipment’s power supply is plugged into the Internet Port on the back of the router like in the picture below.

c. Check the LED lights on the router according to the chart below. If your WiFi light is off, find the Wi-Fi/WPS button on the back of the router and click it once. On some models of routers, the button may be a little larger than what is shown in the picture.

Still unable to connect to the internet?