Vergennes Broadband offers internet service for homes and businesses.

In most of our service areas, Vergennes Broadband offers the only truly unlimited internet option, for the lowest cost! We’ll never throttle your speed or charge you overage fees, so you can use your internet service as much as you want – without worry! When you choose your service, the price quoted is the price you’ll see on your invoice. There are no additional taxes or ‘just because we can’ fees, and we won’t surprise you with random price increases. And get this – there are no contracts. We’ll let the big companies hide behind those. We don’t need them. We value our customers, and you’ll know it by the way we respond to your questions and concerns. You can expect friendly, effective customer service. Contact us today to upgrade your internet experience!

VB Fiber

High speed, Fiber to the Premise internet service that is fully scalable to meet your internet needs for years to come! With plans starting at 100x100 Mbps for $79.99/mo ($39.99/mo in town and some planned communities), VB Fiber will provide fast, reliable internet service to your home or business. All plans offer completely unlimited data, allowing you to stream TV and video, work online, play online games – anything you want to do!

Fixed Wireless Internet Service​

In the areas around Lowell that we haven’t yet extended our VB Fiber network, we often have fixed wireless internet service available. It’s a great alternative to expensive satellite or cell phone providers that limit your data use each month. Who needs that headache? Fixed wireless service is unlimited, and we have several speed options! Plans starting at $49.99/mo!

VoIP Phone Service​

Voice over IP phone service is offered with VB Fiber. VoIP acts like a landline phone, but uses your internet connection instead of the old copper lines. You can keep your phone number as well as your existing handsets. Our VoIP phone service includes caller ID, call waiting, unlimited domestic long distance, and voicemail - all for $27.99/mo!


If you’ve spent more than five minutes researching internet service options, you’ve probably already realized that it can be a challenging task! It’s hard to cut through the sales pitches and know which service will actually be a good fit for your family. Before you commit to buying internet service, be sure to ask these three questions:

Data limits are brutal. It’s no fun to only be halfway through the month and find out you’ve already maxed out your data allowance! Some internet service providers advertise their service as being ‘unlimited’, but it really isn’t. They get away with saying it is because they don’t technically turn your service off – they just slow it down to a speed that’s unusable. Or, they say that they might ‘prioritize others’ over you when the network is busy. Hate to say it, but unless your favorite time to use the internet is between 3:00 am and 4:00 am, the network is probably going to be busy. If your internet connection will ever be slowed down due to the amount of data you’ve used, it’s not truly unlimited.

Most providers require you to sign a contract. Unfortunately, the contract doesn’t do much for you. It primarily protects the provider from losing your business for a specified time. Even if the service falls short of what you were told to expect, it’s often time consuming and expensive to break the contract. If you choose to ride it out, your monthly service cost often goes up after the contract expires. How do you get back to the ‘good’ pricing? You guessed it – sign another contract!

Look to see what other people are saying about the provider’s customer service and the reliability of their internet service. Are questions and concerns addressed quickly and easily, or will you spend an hour on the phone just trying to get a billing question answered? Does the service work well, or are outages common? Your time is valuable, and you need service you can rely on.