Vergennes Broadband is a family owned, privately-held, Internet service provider for residential and business customers.  We serve the greater Lowell area with unlimited data plans using both fiber and wireless technologies.  Our goal is to provide an affordable product in hard to reach areas as well as offer speeds greater than anything else available where you live and work.  We strive for the best localized customer service and we are confident we will make you glad you signed up with us.  Come and grow with us as we build our “future-proof” coverage area.

We are attacking the broadband coverage problem where you live by building a future-proof fiber optic network!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the fiber optic network? A: Fiber optic is “future-proof”. It is immune to the problems with other broadband infrastructure such as radio frequency interference, bandwidth bottlenecks, trees and leaves, rain, power outages, etc. This technology is the future of our country and Vergennes Broadband is working hard to be a shining example for other community-based organizations to follow. We’re looking for new customers and investors. Learn More Q: When will fiber service be available? A: Service is available right now! Check out our coverage map to see if you can get our service!