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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Vergennes Broadband? A: We are a private limited liability company located in Vergennes Township, dedicated to bringing wireless internet access to new areas. Our owner, Ryan Peel, is a Lowell High School graduate (’92) and also a township resident, and on a quest to make this happen for the community. Q: How did you raise the money? A: We needed $110,000 to construct our network. The funding was obtained through “Community Partners”. These were not angel investors or venture capitalists, they were your neighbors! How cool is that!? Q: What’s the fiber optic network? A: Fiber optic is “future-proof”. In many ways, it is immune to the problems with other broadband infrastructure such as radio frequency interference, bandwidth bottlenecks, trees and leaves, rain, power outages, etc. This technology is the future of our country and Vergennes Broadband is working hard to be the shining example for other community-based organizations to follow. We’re looking for new customers and investors.” Learn More Q: When will service be available? A: Service is available right now! Our first customer was installed in January 2012. Q: What technology are you using? A: The world’s best. We didn’t skimp. We’re using the fastest, most reliable commercial grade equipment available. It’s engineered for rural broadband deployments and it has been tested to provide the best opportunity to overcome the trees and roving hills that are the biggest obstacles to broadband wireless. It can only overcome so much, but the equipment being used WILL give you the best chance of receiving a signal at your home. In fact, you can check out our coverage maps here. Q: How does it work? A: An antenna (about 8″ square in most cases) is mounted on the eave or roof of your home or other nearby structure. The antenna is aimed at one of our towers. A cable is run into your home and connected to your computer or wireless router. The antenna communicates with the tower using a secure connection.